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The Seat Heater elements are paper-thin, and install between the seat cover material and the seat cushion. They are fully water-resistant (not waterproof) and pose NO problem with damp winter cloths, spilled beverages, or wet pets! They are NOT visible and do not detract from the finish or look of your vehicle's factory upholstery. 

A small three-position switch (off, low, high) is installed in the lower seat trim panel for a "factory" type appearance. 
All wiring and the heat element controller are concealed below the seat or run under the door sill trim plate, carpeting, etc. It is fully compatible with existing power seats or multi-adjustable "sport" type seats finished in cloth, vinyl, or leather.

Consistent and controlled warmth (up to 121 degrees) with carbon technology.
Heating level is adjustable to suit personal requirement.
Element can be trimmed to fit any seat.
Single seat application possible.

Climate Controlled Seating

Climate Controlled Seating refers to car seats with perforations and air conditioners in the seats. North Augusat Customs offers true forced-air cooling and heating combined with our leather interior. Normally installed on both front seats, this climate controlled system brings comfort and luxury usually reserved for more expensive models.

Using Amerigon's Thermal Electric Device (TED) and specially designed blowers, cooled or heated air is forced throughspecial foam and perforated leather, providing true air conditioned or heated seating. The same technology is utilized on most OEM cooled and heated seat packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the cooling or heating? Both front seat cushions and lean backs have independent blowers and thermal-electric devices that distribute the heated or cooled air. 

  • How cold or warm does it get? The TED offers three levels of heating or cooling. This translates into air that is several degrees higher or lower than the cabin's ambient temperature. The temperature change is significant, yet comfortable. 

  • Will I feel air moving? Yes - however, not the strong air current felt from the car's AC system, but a subtle, comfortable airflow creating the temperature change.


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