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Give your truck a lift and increased ride with suspension components and parts. We can help you build your truck or SUV whether you need to cruise over rocks, rough terrain or the everyday potholes.



Leveling Kits

Raising the front of your truck with a leveling kit is a great way to make room for larger tires, while also creating a bold look that separates you from the rest of the trucks on the road. There are a lot of options when it comes to lifting your truck - strut spacers, coil spring spacers, or torsion bar keys. A leveled truck offers an aggressive look by raising the front, but it isn’t a full lift, so the ride of the truck is maintained.


Lift Kits

When it comes to trucks, bigger is almost always better. For a bigger truck, the first thing that comes to mind is installing one of these lift kits. Suspension lift kits create additional travel for your tires and gives your truck the clearance it needs to overcome any obstacle. Bigger tires and more ground clearance are great reasons to lift your truck, but the most important reason is that is looks cooler… much, much cooler. 


Lowering Kits

Lowering a truck is a great way to improve the handling and stability.  If you want to drop your truck, North Augusta Customs offers lowering shackles, hangers, spindles, complete lowering kits, as well as rear axle flip kits. Why would anyone ever want to lower their truck? It’s pretty simple actually. A dropped truck offers a lower center of gravity. This lower center of gravity helps to improve the trucks handling, while also decreasing the likelihood of the vehicle rolling over. Another, and probably the main reason people lower their trucks is because of the sleek look. 


Air Springs

When it comes to adding load support to your vehicle there are several options. Air springs are the only load support product that provide both leveling capacity andimproved ride comfort. Adding steel springs to your suspension will give your vehicle increased load support, but the extra steel adds stiffness to your suspension which decreases ride comfortwhen riding empty. Installing a load assist rubber jounce bumper will also give your vehicle added load support. However, many drivers report uncomfortable harsh jarring when riding on rough roads. Only air springs give you load support that is adjustable for your specific load. Add air when riding loaded to ensure your vehicle is level for a safer, more comfortable ride. Deflate the air springs when riding unloaded for optimal ride quality. The adjustability of air makes traveling with a load easy and convenient.


Helper Springs

When you use your vehicle to haul heavy cargo or tow your camper, boat, or work trailer, your factory leaf springs come under load and flatten out. Driving with your suspension in this position causes your truck to easily sway or wobble, making control difficult. Adding Helper Springs will eliminate this condition and put you back in control!

As you add load to your rear suspension, Helper Springs will be activated through the rollers on each end. This keeps your leaves from flexing as much and prevents excess sway, giving you better control when towing or hauling big loads. Their simple design "deactivates" automatically when your not hauling or towing since they only come into play as you add tension to your rear suspension.



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