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Winches are great for pulling yourself out of a muddy hole with a tree or for pulling the tree out itself. They're perfect for mounting on your grill guard, your trailer, your ATV or carrying around from job site to job site. A winch will be the tool you wonder how you ever functioned without.

Our capacities range from under 2,000 lbs to over 30,000 lbs.  The raw ability of these rugged machines has everything to do with the horsepower, free spooling, planetary gears, remote controls and more. 

ATV Winches

Looking for something small? Start at 2,000 lbs or less.  Need to get your ATV up a steep grade or pull a buddy over a cliff?  You’re probably looking at our 6,000 lb model.  Utility vehicle owners will find our winches to be the perfect option when on the job site.  Make any type of pulling, dragging, reeling or simple hoisting work easier with an ATV winch!


Truck/Jeep/SUV Winches

Rescue a friend, reel in your gear, haul yourself out of a hole. Winches are made to take the abuse.  These winches have the horsepower, the gear ratio and the planetary control you need.   


Trailer Winches

You may need a winch to get your snowmobile onto your trailer, while your neighbor needs the winch to load his boat.  Some people need 16,500 lb winches to secure and haul their backhoes while other people may want to use them to keep pallets of cement block steady during transport. North Augusta Customs offers many different sizes.



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